KorieMae Marie was suffering from headaches when she was taken to the doctors. She was always cold, her body started bruising and her energy level was always low. After a follow up visit and no changes with her headaches the doctor sent her for blood test. On February 11th 2013 she was hit with devastating results that she had ALL Leukemia. Although this was devastating & the first few months it seemed like there was no recovering from her world being turned upside down KorieMae has never lost hope or strength to fight her battle. Since then KorieMae has learned she is stronger than ever that nothing can bring her down, not even cancer. Gymnastics is her passion & participants as much as she can as she is a level 4 gymnast. She hopes to soon start competing again. This winter she celebrated her 10th birthday. KorieMae is learning to play the French horn and loves learning new things. She has a blended family and is the second oldest out of 6 siblings, she enjoys art projects using recycled items, specially recycled furniture, she enjoys watching anything on the Disney channel and she loves pasta! When she gets older she wishes to be a pediatric nurse so that she can give back and help patients just like she has been helped.