The families supported by IACKids typically have a parent that takes an unpaid leave from work so that they can be by the side of their sick child while they are going through their long-term medical treatment.  In taking this leave of absence, their income is 100% eliminated for an extended period of time. IACKids steps in to make sure that this family doesn’t go into debt and we cover the bills that this lost income would’ve paid for.  More importantly, IACKids removes the financial stress so that the parent can be very focused on their child.

The average amount of support we give to a family from start to finish is about $5,000 depending on the child’s condition and length of hospitalization. Some families in less severe cases simply need $500 while some families with a child with life threatening illnesses have surpassed $15,000 in total support!

In order to make an offline donation, please make checks payable to “It’s About Caring for Kids” and mail to:  

It’s About Caring for Kids, PO Box 16201, Rochester, NY 14616

What does your donation mean to an IACKids family?


Gas cards for fuel needed to get to multiple appointments, medical supplies, prescription medications, water bill, and/or telephone bill.


RGE utility bill, car payment, medical, home, and/or auto insurance payments, iPad mini so patient can communicate with friends and family from their hospital room.


Groceries for family for 2 – 3 weeks, apartment rent, multiple car payments, gift cards for the holidays so that mom and/or dad can provide their kids with presents.


Annual insurance deductible for patient we are helping, mortgage payment, groceries for 1 – 2 months, 2 – 4 car payments.


Property and/or school tax bill, annual insurance deductible for patient on high deductible health plan including supplies and medication, 2 – 4 mortgage payments depending on family, 5 – 10 car payments.


All bills for the average IACKids family from start to finish!