Kori was born two weeks early at 10 lbs 13 oz.  During 13 difficult hours of labor, Kori went through some complications and because of that, he was unable to move his arm at all and was diagnosed with Brachial Plexus Palsy. A Brachial Plexus injury is when the nerves are pulled out, stretched or torn from the Brachial Plexus which is a network of nerves that send signals from your spine to your shoulder arm and hand. From birth Kori has had no movement what so ever in his right arm, shoulder or hand. At 29 days old Kori started seeing neurology specialists and attended multiple appointments, testing, and physical therapy sessions and then referred to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital and at 5 months old he underwent an 8 hour surgery where they took nerves from both legs and replaced them into his neck to try and repair the 3 nerves that were completely pulled out during his difficult delivery.

As a single mother of 2 children who believes in working to provide for her family. It became impossible to travel out of town to Pittsburgh, PA multiple times for 2 to 7 days at times and still be able to work and provide for my family efficiently during these times. That’s when God saw my struggle and sent IACKids to me. IACKids helped my family be able to keep a roof over our heads, helping me to pay my rent for 2 months. So while my beloved Kori was on the operating table I was able to focus on him and not where we would live or how in God’s name I would come up with the money for rent with me being out of work so much. IACKids met with Kori, Kahmari (my daughter) and I and were very nice to us and concerned on how they could help. After the surgery and a week of living out of a hospital and hotel during the recovery period, we were finally cleared to go home. 15 minutes into the 6 hour drive back to Rochester, NY, our car broke down. Through God’s grace, IACKids came to our rescue again when the car repair shop said it would be over $900 to fix the car. Stranded in Pittsburgh, PA with no other resources, God sent IACKids to me again and for that I am 100% whole heartedly grateful. THANK YOU IACKids for your help.  GOD BLESS!!!