Matthew (Marcos and Jacqueline Pantojas’ youngest of 3 sons) was born premature at just 2lbs 7 oz.  Upon birth, Matthew was diagnosed with Lung and Heart Disease, more specifically Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia.  He was in the Golisano Children’s hospital NICU for many months before going home in September with an NG tube and oxygen. In the coming years, Matthew will endure a series of surgeries to fix the diagnosis which will begin with open heart surgery to fix a missing vessel in his heart once he reaches 6 pounds. This will go on until the doctors remedy the size of the tube that will fix the vessel so he can sustain a normal life.

Even though Matthew remains on oxygen and his lungs are still struggling, he is getting bigger and stronger every day. The family is confident that Matthew will move past these challenges and are thankful that he is here with them today.

Marcos and Jacqueline stay strong through the support and love of their family and friends along with their religious beliefs and the assistance given by IACKids.  They feel that the charity has been an integral part in helping them get through these tough times.  

The financial support given by IACKids has allowed Jacqueline to be home with Matthew for the last few months and they say they are forever grateful for that gift.