Last summer, it was impossible to create fun summer memories, as we were in the hospital with Laila, our time mostly spent in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  We watched Fourth of July fireworks from the roof of Strong hospital.  This summer, although Laila was on dialysis, we were afforded a freedom, simply because we weren’t living in the hospital.  We had physical freedom, but we didn’t have financial freedom.  That’s where IACKids stepped in like superheroes, to save the day, but they actually saved our entire summer. We had to make a trip to Boston, to begin the transplant process for Laila.  IACKids made that trip much less of a financial burden, simply by paying our mortgage for the month of June.  In July, IACKids sent our family on a camping trip to Jellystone National Park, which we will never forget.  Paola and Nino took time out of their busy schedules to plan a “treasure hunt” in and around our house, as a fun way to announce the trip.  Not only were all the expenses paid, but also our gas expense and even the food expenses.  Nino and Paola even arranged for Yogi Bear and his crew to bring us pizza and hangout by our cabin.  Nino and his family began to actually feel like family to ours, when they stopped by our cabin to hang out by our campfire.  Our kids played together during our stay.  Not to mention that our mortgage was paid this month as well.  In the month of August, we had to make a family trip to Connecticut for a wedding, and decided to visit New York City, to give our kids that experience.  How could we have possibly attempted this, without the generous and loving help of IACKids? At the first meeting in our home, I found my eyes welling up with tears as I sat across of Paola and Nino.  I just couldn’t believe that this organization would take such a genuine interest and concern in us and our financial (and therefore mental) health.  As I type this, I feel the same emotion well up inside.  This is an amazing organization of genuinely caring individuals, and we are so thankful to have been taken under their wing and provided for so beautifully.  


Athesia Streb