Kinley was born December 6, 2014, six weeks early with a number of congenital anomalies. Her biggest hurdle after birth was having esophageal atresia and a hypoplastic right lung. She spent over seven months at the Golisano Children’s Hospital and had several surgeries during that time. As a one income household and with three other children in the home, the family was faced with many uncertainties, both emotionally and financially.  Kinley’s family made the hard decision to have dad stay out of work to help care for Kinley’s three sisters so either mom or dad could be at the hospital as often as possible.  With dad being on medical leave from work, the family was introduced to IACKids to help them stay afloat. Mom said, “Without IACKids we wouldn’t have been able to continue seeing her and being so involved in her care, which was the most important thing to us. IACKids helped us keep our children in an environment that was as stress free as it could possibly be at that time and for that I am truly grateful!”