Emily has been struggling with multiple medical conditions, most noted for chronic kidney disease since she was an infant. She has required care at both Golisano Children’s Hospital as well as Boston Children’s Hospital. Emily has spent over half her life in the hospital and has had over a dozen major surgeries.  Currently she is waiting for a kidney transplant.  Emily is the girl that lights up a room when you meet her. She is a happy, caring and strong little girl. She loves dancing, music and all things with glitter and sparkle.

In order to keep Emily at home she requires medical care every 3 hours to keep her safe. She has multiple visits per month to her growing medical team.  The cost of these visits, travel to each hospital, medicines and her medical supplies cost a fair amount per month.  Our family has been struggling for several years trying to make ends meet as we do not qualify for government assistance. Despite the struggles of the mounting bills, I was hesitant to ask for help because I felt another family had to be struggling worse than ours.  It was the sudden loss of income that finally pushed me to fill out an application to IACKids from our local social worker. Our family would be blessed by true “local angels.”  We felt immediately supported and continue to call IACKids our family. Words cannot express the impact that they provided us.  IACKids literally put a new roof over our heads!  If that was not enough they also helped us continue to obtain the medicine and medical supplies needed while we got back on our feet with a return of income. Not one day goes by where we do not feel blessed for this organization and what they have done for our family.