Elijah is an 8 year old quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and lives in Rochester, NY with his parents and older brother. When Elijah was born, his mother quit her job to dedicate her life to keeping him comfortable and as healthy as possible. Due to the care Elijah needs, his father has worked two jobs trying to keep his family financially secure. At 8 years old, Elijah has grown in size so moving him around their home has become impossible. Therefore, his bedroom is the living room of their 1850’s home.

To make Elijah’s living situation a more comfortable one, IACK has purchased close to $4,000 in construction materials to allow the family to rehab their home and give Elijah the bedroom that he very much deserves. Because Elijah’s dad chooses to work two jobs to support his family, the family does not qualify for government assistance which could be used to pay for the construction costs. All necessary labor is being done by Dad and volunteers!