Nothing ever truly prepares you for the news your child has cancer, yet that has been part of our ongoing journey since Craig was diagnosed in October of 2012 with a rare form of brain and spinal cord cancer.   Seeing our seemingly perfectly healthy 2 year old so quickly become ill was devastating.

Knowing Craig’s treatment plan would require several visits each month to the Golisano Children’s hospital for chemotherapy, we went from a two income family to one, so Kim could stay home and give Craig the support and love he needed to get through his treatments and also care for Craig’s younger sister Lily.  While getting his treatment at the hospital one day, a social worker approached Kim and shared that IACKids wanted to help take some of the burred off our shoulders so we could focus on our family, and not the worry of keeping up with the bills piling up at home.  When Nino and Mike came out to the house to meet Craig and our family you could sense they genuinely cared about our family and could see how stressful our situation was caring for two children, one whom required constant care.  They brought incredibly thoughtful gifts for the kids and quickly made a connection with our family.  After talking with Nino and Mike about what our family needed to make things a little easier, IACKids helped provide gift cards for groceries, and helped with some monthly bills.   In the fall of 2015 Kim returned to work as a teacher, as Craig had remained stable for almost a year and we finally felt like we were back on our feet.  In October though a scan revealed Craig’s cancer had began to spread again, and for a second time Kim left her job to care for Craig.  We continue to be blessed by IACKids as they also helped spread holiday cheer with a night out for dinner at Lucano and gift cards to buy presents for our family which took a huge weight off.  One of the greatest gifts they have given our family has been their ongoing support over the past three years while Craig continues to receive treatment to fight his cancer.  The thoughtful cards, phone calls, and texts to check in and see how Craig and our family are doing help remind us we are never alone on this difficult road.  IACKids has been a blessing in our lives and we are forever grateful for everything they have done to make things easier for our family.