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This was a ton of weight lifted off of us, knowing that they wanted to help out in this way. I am in the construction field and work is slow from December until April. IACKids has been a true blessing to our family.  I have no idea where we would be currently if this foundation didn’t step in to help.

Cody has improved so much over these past months; it is unbelievable the progress. He weighs 16 pounds 8 ounces as of today. He still is having a very difficult time keeping his weight and gaining, but we are very grateful for each ounce gained on a weekly basis when he is checked every Thursday. This has been a battle that we are working to try to overcome. He is still currently on oxygen and five different medications, which the doctors hope to take away by the winter. Life will be changing for us all again, now that the winter is coming. With a child with Cody’s needs, he really can’t leave the house. It is a challenge to stay home, but whatever it takes to keep him safe is what we will do. Within the past week, Cody has already come down with the RSV virus. He has been very tired and not eating his usually amount of food. We are hoping in about a week or so his condition will improve. It makes it difficult for him to breath and he is just not himself. Cody still averages about 1 – 2 doctor appointments a week outside of the home. Then other therapy’s within the home. He has a visiting nurse come once a week for a checkup, physical therapy once a week, and music therapy twice a month, and feeding/speech therapy once every two weeks. Life hasn’t slowed down for us since Cody’s birth, but it has become more enjoyable and better for all of us. His care at home has become more manageable after getting over the learning curve of most things with his oxygen, monitors (how they work),medications, and working with his needs. Life is a journey, and we keep moving on. We are so thankful he is the happiest baby there is with all he has been thru. We are so grateful he is alive and striving past most goals.

Still to this day, Loreto Barbone from IACKids checks up on our family to make sure we are all doing okay. He has become part of our family and we can never thank him enough.[/fusion_text][fusion_button link=”/meet-the-iackids” color=”default” size=”” stretch=”default” type=”” shape=”” target=”_self” title=”” button_gradient_top_color=”” button_gradient_bottom_color=”” button_gradient_top_color_hover=”” button_gradient_bottom_color_hover=”” accent_color=”” accent_hover_color=”” bevel_color=”” border_width=”1px” icon=”” icon_position=”left” icon_divider=”no” modal=”” animation_type=”fade” animation_direction=”up” animation_speed=”1″ animation_offset=”” alignment=”left” class=”” id=””]BACK TO MEET THE IACKIDS[/fusion_button][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]