Hi!  My name is Anthony Wilmer; I am 14 years old and presently in the 9th grade at The School of the Arts.

On November 9th 2014, I was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  I had never heard of this disease in my life but I knew that I was really, really sick.  I was in the hospital for about one month.

I have always liked football and basketball, but after being diagnosed, I wasn’t able to play sports or workout at all.  I have a mediport which is surgically implanted under your skin which is used to draw blood and administer medications intravenously.  After being told that I wouldn’t be able to play sports or workout, I was very depressed and I really didn’t know how to spend my time.  So, I started playing video games continuously.  I mean, I have always played video games but now it has become an everday activity for me and I am very good at them.

Having leukemia has really made me appreciate life even though I take a lot of medicine every day.  I am happy that I am able to attend school again and I am able to go to the mall with my friends.  Even though I can’t play sports or workout, I am able to toss the football, dribble the basketball, do sit-ups, and walk or jog for light exercise.

I have to say that this has been a real experience both good and bad.  I have met some really nice people during this time that have helped my family and I.  IACKids has been there for us and have helped us in so many ways.  I remember my mom explaining to me what they do for sick children and their families – my first thought was “WOW”.

I am now doing outpatient clinic for my chemotherapy treatments and my hair has grown back!  Oh yeah, did I mention I lost my hair?  All of it!!  I am doing much better and feeling much better.  As of November 9th 2015, it will have been one year since my diagnosis.  For anyone having to go through this – my advice would be to never give up and always give your all!!