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Our Mission

IACKids was formed for the charitable purpose of aiding families living in the Greater Rochester New York region who are in need of financial assistance during their child's long term inpatient / outpatient hospitalization.


IACKids will provide such individuals with financial assistance if they are unable to afford their housing, transportation, and / or medical costs. Through hard work, thoughtful giving and selflessness, and a focus on the needs of these children, IACKids and its supporters strive to offer the much needed assistance to get through these troubling times.

IACKids was started in 2012 in an effort to give back to families in the Greater Rochester New York region going through financial hardships due to their child’s severe illness.  While the top priority is being with their child and managing their medical care, the financial burden associated with long term hospitalization often adds an incredible amount of stress.  When children are seriously ill, parents want to be with their sick child as much as possible and because of that they sometimes lose their job because of time away, be forced to reduce their hours, or take unpaid medical leave. During this time, they still have to manage their lives as they did prior to their child’s illness; their other children, home, monthly bills, and so much more.  As contributing members of our society it is important to give back to those in need, and IACKids was assembled to do just that. It is the IACKids goal to empower our community to give back to these families in need so that they can concentrate on their child’s illness and not worry about falling behind financially.


So many of us are fortunate to help these families in our community.  IACKids is ready to help, are you?


Our community is a melting pot of generous individuals, families, and corporations who have shown over many years to lend a hand to those in need. So whatever your contribution can be, no matter the size of your generosity, we look forward to working with you to help children and families within our community.

IACKids Co-Founders

IACKids Co-Founders

Loreto Barbone  - John Butera - Anthony Butera - Neil Butera - Nino Pilato

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